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    We search for the unconventional within the everyday.

    OutsidEye ...

    ... was born from a passion for physical theatre. Through a collaborative studio approach the company seeks to challenge and provoke; themselves and their audience. We search for the unconventional within the everyday, to inspire, embody and experiment, transforming what is observed into innovative performance.

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    Magdalena Oron

    Perfomer & Co-Founder
    Magdalena accomplished Drama and Performing Arts studies and she had being awarded with ‘Excellence in Physical Theatre Prize’ in 2012. Before arriving in the UK, she gained over 8 years acting experience at the Jaworzno’s Art Theatre in Poland. Passionate and dedicated to genre of physical theatre she has been exploring new devising techniques by varied physical theatre workshops with Complicity Theatre Company, Emilyn Claid, Tim Casson- JVC, Marcin Rudy – Song of the Goat Theatre, Geese Theatre, Kindle Theatre and Babakas Theatre.

    Katrina Middleton

    Perfomer & Co-Founder
    Katrina graduate of the University of Wolverhampton with BA Hons joint degree Dance and Drama. Katrina has been performing for 7 years for the local schools, Walsall Town Hall, Prince of Wales and other venues.
    Recently in the last 2 years she fell in love with physical theatre and finding the passion to create work.

    Paul Brownbill

    Director & Founder
    Paul is a senior lecturer in drama at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Paul‘s research interests include scenographic practices in physical theatre, site-specific and immersive environments. As well as working as an academic, Paul maintains his role as a practitioner. His work as a scenographer has taken him to India, America and Portugal where his inter-cultural, site-specific scenographic work developed in practice. 

    Daniel Piaszczyk

    Co -Director
    After graduating from Birmingham City University with BA Hons joint degree in Drama and English, Daniel decided to explore his interest in directing further at The University of Birmingham, where he was awarded MPhil degree in Directing and Dramaturgy. Daniel’s work and research are strongly influenced by Jerzy Grotowski, Tadeusz Kantor, as well as more contemporary theatre figures such as Katie Mitchel, Krzysztof Warlikowski and Krystian Lupa. His theatre work commenced in Poland, where he assisted to Pawel Passini’s production of Milorad Pavic’s ‘Dictionary of the Khazars’. Since then, Daniel lives and works in UK.

    Emma Jennings


    Emma is a graduate from the University of Wolverhampton with a BA Honours in Drama. She has been performing for eight years in the Sutton Coldfield Town Hall, local schools, the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton and other venues. Emma has also worked as a Stage Manager for local companies in theatres such as the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. After completing her final major project at University Emma’s passion for Physical Theatre continues to grow.

     Chelsie-louise Kinnéar

    Stage Manager



    Deception is an installation of a filmed physical theatre performance based on Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, but with a gender reversal. The performance takes place in a large white box where the movement and journey of the performers is traced by paint. The room then forms the screens on which the film of the
    performance is projected. Viewing of the film inside this box, along with the presence of props and costume, gives the audience a visually exciting, immersive, performance experience.

    The film & photos prepared by:


    Kristina Weber alias Schattenrand
    fb www.facebook.com/Schattenrand
    (yt https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkuwEJHZsywHVrBdfSNloEA)



    Tim Wilczura alias Heavy Harlequin
    fb www.facebook.com/HeavyHarlequin

    (yt https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_TUEGE88Xq0PwdKgarwk-A)


    Looking Good - Feeling Better

    Inspired by the real-life experiences of a breast cancer sufferer, Looking Good: Feeling Better is a passionate story of the social and personal traumas of the condition and the overt sexualisation of the body in campaigns used by fund-raising organisations. This physical theatre piece examines the complexity of the pressure to conform and the lack of consideration sufferers endure through overtly, aggressively sexual campaigning engaged in by multi-million pound earning breast cancer charities.
    Looking Good- Feeling Better : 13th February 2015 - Arena Theatre Wolverhampton.


    LACK is a Physical Theatre performance that explores the traumas and emotions experienced in everyday entrapment.


    It challenges the audience to confront their own notions of being trapped, and being party to, the act of entrapment.


    How are we able to escape?

    Is there any way to escape?

    Do we set traps without knowing?


    Whether we feel trapped, or trap others there's always something we LACK.


    Thursday 25th February 2016 - Arena Theatre Wolverhampton.




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